Real-time exchange rates API in Ukraine

This is the easiest way to get the latest currency exchange rates. You can use the API for both personal and business needs.

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  "id": "85262",
  "pointDate": "2020-07-31 17:23:41",
  "date": "2020-07-31 17:00:00",
  "ask": "27.7400",
  "bid": "27.7100",
  "currency": "usd",

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Our API includes

Real-time Interbank quotes

What you receive
99.99% Uptime
Our servers are adapted to the most demanding needs, which in turn helped us create a high availability API.
Reliable service
It can be easily integrated into ERP / 1C / CRM systems. It is implemented according to REST API standards.
Data verification
We only choose reliable sources and constantly check different types of data for accuracy.
Multifunctional product
You can use exchange rates from different sources depending on your needs.
Data is always available
We update all of the information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Advantageous tariff plans
We have created four different tariff packages making it easy for you to choose the best tariff for yourself.

Exchange rates affect everyone

According to our website, the demand for information on the financial rate in Ukraine is consistently relevant.

Ukrainian hryvnia is an extremely volatile currency and its fluctuations cause a lot of discussions.

Using our API you can get all the necessary information, since we collect exchange rates of Interbank, NBU, currency exchange offices, and commercial banks.

Our API is suitable for
Integration with CRM systems
Improving the service you're already used to
Online stores
This is especially useful if the goods are bought in foreign currency, and you have to display prices in hryvnia on your website.
Personal and commercial projects
Such as information portals, entertainment sites, online supermarkets
Interactive reports
In order not to waste time collecting data manually
How to start using API

1. Choose a tariff plan

2. Register on Minfin for Developers

3. Make your first data request

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