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Services 1. Search vendor (I want to spend less money on procurement) - Finding 3 suppliers the desired product - Check the vendor - Study of the possible risks of the transaction - Analysis of future transactions Warranty solve your problem! Money back if the contract is not concluded my fault 2. Preparation of the contract with the trade partner - Development of a trade agreement, guidelines for work. - The subject of the contract, terms and conditions. The amount of the contract. - Select the desired conditions of delivery according to INCOTERMS, import / export. - Distribution costs, the transfer of risks, transfer of ownership of goods. - Acceptance of goods in quality and quantity, packaging and labeling, sanctions and complaint, force majeure. 3. Arrangements for delivery of your goods to Ukraine / Organization of delivery of your goods from any country of the world. Cost - payment logistics costs according to tariff lines and transportation companies. - Determine the type of goods. - Delivery options based on the type of goods. - The urgency of delivery. - The influence of factors (weight, volume and price of the goods / delivery charge, urgency) and building of a route. - Select the carrier / freight forwarder. - Working conditions with shippers / forwarders. - Control of the carrier / freight forwarder. - The conclusion of contracts with carriers / forwarders. 4. Customs Clearance (I want to go safely customs clearance!) Cost - - Classification of goods by HS code. - Determination of the customs value of the goods. - Calculation of customs payments. - Accreditation at customs. - Certificate of origin. - Preparation of the cargo customs declaration (CCD). - Maintenance and customs clearance. - Work with customs brokers. 5. Certification and licensing and other permits Cost - individual approach to each case
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